SF-86C update during processing

Good afternoon all,

I have been processing for a fed position since August 2016. I was contacted last month to fill out an SF-86C and new credit release forms as a part of my processing. I originally filled out an SF-86 for this position in August 2016. I took a polygraph for the job in April 2017, but I have not had an investigator or anyone else contact me during the process, nor have any of the individuals listed on my forms contacted. A part of me was assuming my current clearance investigation was going to crossover since it has been two years of radio silence. To clarify, I have been an active TS clearance holder since 2014.

I am completely in the dark of why this info was requested now. Does anyone have any insight on when an SF-86C is requested? Are they just ramping up now to do my investigation or is it possible adjudication is just trying to make sure there are no surprises before making a final call? After 2+ years I’d like to think I’m further along than getting ready to sit with an investigator…

the SF86C is just a form to bring your SF86 information up to date, i.e. report any changes. While not common, this is normal. I’ve had to fill out an SF86C when my original SF86 was over two years old but I was not far enough along to warrant my next PR.

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Another agency (DOE) used that form and my original SF86 to grant access. It is not an investigation. A field investigator can go their whole career and not even see the form.

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