Resubmitted my SF86. I thought CE was a thing?

I work for as a contractor for ODNI currently I initially filled out the SF86 in Early 2017 and I was granted my TS
in July 2017. My FSO reached out to me today stating that I have to update my SF86 since it’s been over 6 years. I know I am in CE but is this part of the process? I talked to other friends that got their clearances around the same time and they didn’t have to do an new eqip. I figured there wasn’t a need to refill out the paperwork once you were enrolled in CE. Is this just normal for everyone or do you think something must of came up that caused it? Or is this just part of the process?

It’s part of the process. Updated SF86 is submitted on clearance holders (members enrolled in CE) every 5 years.
CE leverages a set of automated record checks and business rules to assist in the ongoing assessment of an individual’s continued eligibility.

Hope this helps!

Ah ok. I thought something hit in CE. Then again I would think they would flat out tell me so that I could resolve it

How are some types of CE triggers caught in this manner? If someone submits an updated SF86 and “forgets” to list a foreign national cohabitant or roommate that creates a threat, how will that ever be determined/triggered without an ESI? I am still trying to figure out how CE is going to catch everything.

It probably wont as its based on the honor system so to speak. databases can pull up credit, criminal issues, etc but obviosuly not foreign contacts, drug use, etc

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