Being reinvestigated. I thought CE meant no more PR's

So I initially filled out the SF86 in Early 2017 and I was granted my TS in July 2017. My FSO reached out to me last stating that I have to update my SF86 since it’s been over 6 years. Now today someone from peraton reached out to me verifying a few pieces of info and told me that an investigator will be reaching out to me in the coming weeks I know I am in CE but is this part of the process? I talked to other friends that got their clearances around the same time and they didn’t have to do an new eqip. I figured there wasn’t a need to refill out the paperwork once you were enrolled in CE. Is this just normal for everyone or do you think something must of came up that caused it?

There is a requirement to resubmit your security questionnaire on a regular basis. Reading the CE/CV program details, there is a requirement for random security questionnaire submissions also.

The security questionnaire is not just a form, but a legal document certifying the information you provided, CE/CV did not end all security investigations but allows security to focus on areas of concern.

This topic comes up often, generally speaking, whatever is the most recent (whether the date your SF-86 was completed or the date you were placed in CV) you add 5 yrs to, to determine your date of what to do. Ex, you last SF-86 was submitted in 2017 but you were placed in CV in 2021, you are then safe until 2026 to submitting a new SF-86. Bear in mind, self reporting of issues is to be done. Though as indicated above, random sf-86 submissions can occur