CE Question - Reinvestigation Deferment

I’ve read several posts on the blog and I’m somewhat confused about placement into CE/CV. I get the impression that the SF-86 is reviewed, and if there are no issues or glaring concerns, the applicant is enrolled into CE. Are written inquires still sent out (neighbors, educational institutions, etc)? I never fully understood the logic with reinvestigating what’s already been investigated. It seems that only significant changes should be what is evaluated.

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This is a good question for which I do not have a good answer. I think in my case they did a fairly complete investigation (periodic update) before enrolling me into CE. At least I know they spoke to me and some co-workers. I suspect the whole thing (enrolling in CE) is still a bit of a work in progress.

Keep in mind that under CE/CV if something does come up later (as a results of periodic automated checks) they can do an investigation.

And as always, when it comes to details of CE/CV, I stand ready to be corrected or at least get some clarifying details.

Thank you for the response. There’s probably no consistency if I was to guess. There was another poster who was quite vocal about the fact that persons weren’t being interviewed and enrolled. I believe the individual is an investigator, and the lack of interviews is going to cut into his business.

For most people who already have a clearance and are about to be out of scope, you fill out the sf-86, its submitted and I believe most checks are done thru automation and the inquiries that DCSA do and then you are placed into CV. You are then on the honor system and are to report any issues to your FSO/SSO etc which and they may interview you to get more info to submit a report to the CAF for adjudication. In essence, the FSO/SSO is acting as a BI to get the info needed to adjudicate these new develpments. Hope this helps