Periodic Reinvestigations Ending?

Hello - there is a lot of conversations about CE in which I don’t totally understand because I don’t work in security. Does anyone know if Periodic Reinvestigations are really going away? Is that next year or some years out?

From what I can tell, when it comes time for your periodic update you will submit an updated SF-86/eQIP, and if there is nothing glaring, you will be enrolled in CE. If there are any concerns they will still do an investigation.

Not sure all agencies/customers will be doing it quite this way, and when it comes to one agency/customer accepting another’s CE… who knows.

Stay tuned!

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That’s exactly how it is happening. Only exception is that if there is something glaring, DoD CAF May just do a “Request for Information” through the Security Manager or if a bigger or multiple flags. Send it on for a TESI or full blown PR from an Investigator

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Last client, as CE rolled out, the last 10 or so reinvestigations did not require a Poly. Very rare up to that date. I surmise this was a follow on to reducing backlog, then tackling lengthy process moving towards adjudication. By rolling folks to CE, being highly selective on polys, much shorter time to get to adjudication and as that backlog clears, more efforts focus on initials.