Continuous Evaluation Program Starting?

Are they starting the “Continuous Evaluation” program? Does it mean that they will no longer be doing the five-year updates… or six, as the case may be?

Maybe it means they expect timelines to continue increasing so much that eventually nobody will be done before it’s time for the next periodic reinvestigation to start and we’ll all get to live and work in a world of continuous SF86 updates and polygraphs?

I’m afraid that’s where were headed. Although it may be that if continuous evaluation doesnt come up with anything, you still have to do it at the five year mark, but if CE does find something, you do the reinvestigation right away.

Like all other attempts to reform the system, this will probably end up costing more in terms of time and money. Although it should be able to find people who suddenly go into debt.

Short answer - no, at least not yet.

Continuous evaluation has been around in one form or another for awhile. The current continuous evaluation has started for several categories of clearance holders. I received an email specifically telling me that I was on continuous evaluation.

Currently continuous evaluation is used to supplement the PR clearance process and helps to identify adjudicative issues between investigations. Ever have an agent/investigator show up “out of cycle” for someone for a subject interview? This was created from developed information.

The program DSS pitches is still in the early stages. There are a lot of stakeholders that would have to be convinced that replacing PRs with just CE is safe. I can guess the IC and law enforcement communities would really push back on using just CE right now.

That’s my two quarters view from the bottom.

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I pulled my credit reports last month and all three had 2 x inquiries each from within the last year from “DEPT OF DEF CE DMDC.” The “CE” portion of that being Continuous Evaluation. My current clearance is within scope so I’d say yes they are implementing it slowly.