Are T3 and below PR's going away?

I’ve been rooting around lately and apparently the continuous evaluation program has been successful at doing exactly what it was intended to do, which was to find adverse information between people’s PR’s. My understanding is that this is intended to replace Secret PR’s and below entirely?

I personally think this is a common sense move as it frees up investigators to more thoroughly scrutinize Top Secret and above clearances (where it matters most) but what are the odds this actually happens?

I think they’d like to do that but I also do not believe that most agencies will be comfortable giving up the periodic updates. There was some talk of doing PRs for Secret every five years, so I don’t see how they can do a 180 and get rid of them entirely, at least not in the near future.

This is precisely why I asked. If I’m understanding continuous evaluation correctly, it essentially means that at any given time any member of the cleared population would be subject to a random reinvestigation conducted using publicly available records and databases. To me that makes much more sense than to put everyone on an accelerated timeline just because.

I just don’t understand.

The continuous evaluation doesn’t mean background investigations for T3 will go away - but that an investigator will be contacting you much sooner if you have a trigger issue.

Under the current process, you have your Secret clearance completed in 8/17 then you file for bankruptcy in 10/17. You don’t self report (as required) so your credit report doesn’t get pulled for another 5 to 10 years. This is a common problem we find.

Under the continuous evaluation process - you get your Secret clearance completed in 8/17 then you file for bankruptcy in 10/17 - again you don’t self-report (still required). Your credit report gets pulled summer 2018, later that same summer an investigation is created because of an unreported bankruptcy. This is what continuous evaluation is supposed to do.

This was just an example.