Changing jobs with year old adjudication but undergoing a PR (CE?!)

I haven’t seen a post about IC periodic reinvestigations, since Continuous Evaluation became a thing. I am new to this process and honestly kind of fell into this clearance. I am looking to switch jobs but filled out an eQIP about a month ago that seems to already have some action going on it. For reference the eQIP I filled out to get the clearance was from 2020. I had my FSP late 2021 and got full adjudication in mid 2022.
I plan to stay with the same customer but am worried there might be some issue switching companies because of the PR. I have been in access the whole time and will continue to be in access in the new position. What should I be worried about in this situation? I saw an article that all DOD was enrolled in Continuous Evaluation, is the same true for the IC community? I keep reading about being out of scope but that seems to be for people who have been working for years post their original adjudication.

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I’m very interested to follow this discussion. Hope some folks chime in with recent experience. My last PR completed August 2019 and I just switched jobs this year. Crossover went smoothly. But I’m still within the five year window… or is it six?

I’m pretty sure IC agencies that fall under DoD are all doing CE and there was a post on here not too long ago from someone affiliated with another agency (DHS?) that was doing it also. Don’t know about CIA. And those who know, don’t tell :slight_smile:

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All went well and I overthought it. Relax and let the process play out.


Wise advice for us all