Continous Evaluation Outside of DOD

I’m fully aware of security clearances for DOD being moved to Trusted Workforce 2.0 and I know the goal is for all clearances to move over across the entire government. However, this past week, my director of my agency at DHS stated that we are moving over, but today, three of my employees got emails stating that they need to submit a PR in eQIP. Does anyone know what the deal with other agencies moving to continous evaluation? My SSO is completely clueless.

I think even with DOD, individuals still need to submit an updated SF-86/eQIP but that does not mean that an investigation will be started.

I asked a question along these same lines and someone replied that security would review the information in the SF-86 and if there was nothing in there that attracted too much attention then the individual would be moved to Continous Evaluation.

This is a common trend with current clearance holders that are near or past renewal dates before entry into CE.

@sbusquirrel What constitutes “Attracted too much attention”?

@backgdinvestigator Thank you! Do you have anymore information that?

I just meant anything on your SF-86 that looked like it might require an investigation… foreign contacts, financial issues, arrests, something in the employment history… anything that would cause them to want to dig into it a little further.

I was told a few months back that not everyone was eligible to be enrolled into CE (or at least not yet).
I believe it had to do with not enrolling higher risk folks ironically…
But I’m sure they are trying to enroll as many people as they can, it just takes time to iron out the kinks I guess.
I was also told some stories about people getting denied access to sites because their re-investigation were out of date (because they were enrolled in CE…).

I have not heard that but it would not surprise me a bit.

I am in CE and my date just updated last week.

I don’t say alot about CE or other process unless i have direct knowledge. I don’t want to mislead anyone and there is already enough misinformation floating around.

CE is the process where the security apparatus pulls records from many sources to keep an eye on your behavior. LIke a credit report bureau for a similar process. Instead of just automated credit and financial history - there are also automated law, court, personnel, travel checks, (among other checks). When something in your life that is a concern (think of the areas on the SF 86) then the system kicks out a warning. How that warning is handled is evolving.