Interesting statement in Job Posting

It seems like the “continuous evaluation” program is still evolving. I’m still trying to get a better understanding of it. I was looking at some positions from a top defense contractor the other day and saw an interesting statement in their job req.

An Excerpt: " Basic Qualifications: - Final Transferable Secret security clearance, last PR must be within the last 6 years or enrolled in the Continuous Evaluation (CE) program

This seems to say that your clearance is good if you are enrolled in the CE program, even if your last PR was more than six years ago. I had my initial PR when I received TS (2012), however; it was moved to CE before it expired. My five year period came and went and I did not have another PR. My last position also did not require a TS. My FSO informed me past December that my TS was “transferable” up 11/2022.

This makes it interesting when looking at and applying for jobs. Granted, most job postings state: “Active or Current” TS, Secret, etc… To me, this means you’re in your five year scope, currently working in a cleared position. Some postings say “Clearable”, which is pretty straight forward. My assumption for my situation has been that I have a TS, its “Inactive”, but currently enrolled in CE.
So am I correct to assume it’s “inactive”? Does having a TS in CE that is “transferable” through 2022 make me eligible for TS positions?

CE is replacing the PR investigations - you are still cleared if you are in CE.

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That’s how I understand stand it too

But i heard you still have to fill out another SF86 even with CE in place, in DOD

Perhaps you just need to update the one on file? Maybe not do a complete one again?

CE is supplemental to the process. It does not remove security forms from the equation.

It depends on your agency from what I have seen.