Clearance Crossover - Inactive Clearance

I separated from the military about 6 weeks ago and had an active TS clearance. I just accepted a contracting job and they said as long as the Clearance Crossover process is successful, I’ll be able to start.

I am a bit worried - my military Security Manger checked my security clearance recently and it shows as “Not Active” since leaving the service.

Does anyone know if this will be an issue for the Clearance Crossover? Thank you!

In most cases there is a two-year window when it is supposed to be easy to pick up an inactive but current clearance. Supposedly all of DoD has been enrolled in “Continuous Evaluation” (CE) and I suppose that includes the uniformed services, and I think that means your clearance/investigation is “current.”

All that having been said there’s still a chance that certain customers may have their own ideas…

Thanks for the response! I was enrolled in CE a few years ago. I wasn’t sure if that would make a difference for the crossover process