TS/SCI Clearance Crossover Question(s)

Hi all,
I am hoping to hear from anyone who has insight/experience with a similar situation. I have an offer from a large contractor to come onboard that’s contingent on my TS clearance crossing over.

My TS/SCI was granted in 10/2018 by DoD and held by my previous employer, another contractor. I left that employer in April 2021. In the intervening 2.5 years, I have not held any position that necessitated use of the clearance.

My concern is two-fold: 1. Did my clearance automatically become expired/inactive because more than 2 years elapsed since it was actively used? 2. The Security officer at my new employer emailed just asking if I have had an active background investigation within 7 years (yes, I have). Is that a good thing?

Thanks for any/all comments.