My TS is active but how do I get my SCI back?

I began applying for clearance after being out of the cleared world for years. I was very happy to find out that my TS was added to CE (continued evaluation) in 2018 and is still active. I’m not currently working on a cleared job so I have no way to check my clearance. I’ve spoken to two different FSO’s when applying for jobs recently and received conflicting responses about my status. The first FSO said my TS was active because of CE. The second FSO told me my TS/SCI and CI poly were still good. Last week, a company was about to extend me an offer but at the last minute said they couldn’t because my SCI wasn’t good. I always thought that the SCI portion was as simple as getting briefings when you start a new job. Then it’s gone when you debrief upon departure. Can anyone help clarify this for me please? Can the SCI and CI poly be active within CE as well as my TS? Thanks very much!

I don’t know the exact term, but a clearance will only stay “active” for 2 years once it is no longer needed. I would say you are in that situation.

I say get back in touch with FSO #2! The situation can vary from customer to customer and from program to program (not to mention from one FSO to another).

+1 to that. An FSO at a small company couldn’t find my information in JPAS, as I’m staring at my submitted SF-86. I just moved on and things have gone well since.