Clearance Status

How can I determine the status of my TS/SCI clearance? I held TS/SCI for 28yrs, stopped working for almost two years and EPSQ was re submitted for a new job because adjudication was Sep09 and five years would be Sep14. The company did not get the contingent contract even though my clearance was re opened. Investigators did contact my references and even called me for more information. After company didn’t get contract, HR told me clearance status was “closed”. What does that mean, or, is it awaiting final adjudication, was stopped, no longer eligible? Also of note, though all this my SCI has now been more than two years since used. Thanks in advance.

You do not have an active clearance if you are not working in a position that requires one. The company was using you as a tool for bidding on the contract to show that they could get the cleared folks needed if they got the contract. No contract, no need for a clearance, and unless the investigation was completely finished and closed then they would have stopped the process. If it was closed and sent to DSS for adjudication and they were notified you no longer needed the clearance then they would just indicate that and not bother adjudicating it. As far as SCI, it would be safe to say that you would have to be reprocessed for access if and when you were granted a TS again.

How can I find out if my security clearance is still active? If it is not active, am I able to activate it?


Are you employed with the agency or company for which you were granted a clearance? If so ask your FSO or security officer. If you are not employed in a position that needs it then it you do not have an active clearance.