SCI Investigation

I have a current TS that was adjudicated in June, 2017 with the FBI. I started working for a government contractor in May, 2018. Upon hire, they submitted my SCI request up through the contract owner (Air Force). Fast-forward to April, 2019 when I was laid off from that government contractor because my SCI was still pending. They gave a a conditional offer for my old job that was contingent on my SCI. My old supervisor called me about 3 weeks ago and said that he thought I was good but I wasn’t showing up in JPAS so the Air Force SSO was going to seek a verification for me. I’ve applied elsewhere but all the same issue: SCI pending. I haven’t heard another word. Now that company has lost their contract and I will not have a sponsor for my clearance. The investigating entities (not even sure who it is because I can’t get a straight answer…DMDC, OPM, DOD - I think OPM) cannot legally give me any information about my investigation. Now I’m unemployed with a newborn, my wife isn’t working, and I can’t find a job without my SCI but can’t get information from my SCI without a job. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions/feedback???

Losing sponsorship midstream is vexing. A new company with cleared positions would need to attempt a crossover of the clearance. Is there any issue you are aware of causing difficulties for an SCI? Foreign born spouse, bad credit, excessive foreign travel and contacts? Recreational drug use too current? If a new agency has an SCI requirement, and you are crossed over to them at TS…you should be SCI eligible. And the new agency reads you in on the SCI. My client makes sure that each sponsor on the same compound shows you are “read in” on your specific contract as sponsor for the SCI. They are the same SCI so I find it ludicrous, but a person had a revocation due to this so we are verifying all of ours.