Can Contractors transfer IC clearance eligibility out of IC agency


I received a call from a contractor for an IC agency re: an opening. Told them I completed a FSP and that the BI was completed as part of suitability processing completed this year.

Contractor’s FSO looked me up and said I showed as having “TS/SCI eligibility with completed FSP” and I interviewed. Signed a contingent offer.

Contractor rescinds offer, saying “Agency says you do not have a TS/SCI clearance or a FSP”

Does this mean I can’t work for contractors unless I “Sign on” with the Agency and work there for a couple of years, or is something else happening?

Thanks in advance. @Amberbunny2 I would love your insight here.

Was this for a GS job or a Contractor job? Who sponsored your investigation?

All part of the mystery of being in the security clearance world. You could probably find a job with another contractor. You could probably get a job with that same contractor on a different contract. You might even be able to get a job with that same contractor working on the same contract six months from now.

You could get a job with a contractor working on a different job, then they could cross you over to that same contract (the one you were supposed to work on in the original post) while you are working and they can bill your hours while you’re waiting.

In other words, anything can happen.

Perhaps they clearances don’t match and they would need a new one.

If the company wants you bad enough, they will get you a new clearance.

We are hiring people all the time and getting them clearances if they need one. It’s all about the needs of the company and the job requirements. If it is a cookie cutter job, there are hundreds of cleared people, why pay for a new one?

If they job requires a particular skill set, the company will pay for the clearance.

Thor, please elaborate. Why wouldn’t the clearances match if the contractor is working with the Agency in question? I’m new to this, so spare no details.

IC agency sponsored the investigation.

So job A might require a moderate risk PT (cleaning crew) and a security guard might require a High risk public trust and supporting staff might need a secret clearance. All these people work for the same contractor but with different clearances.

Also, a DOD TS will not always work with other agencies, like DHS.

So you will not get your clearance entered into any external databases unless you EOD with the agency.

I track that. This position has a TS/SCI/FSP requirement which is the same as what the Agency sponsored me for.

I’ve fought through these before. Ask company FSO what database they checked. If it was JPAS/DISS, …stupid as it sounds…request crossover, fully explaining need to verify JPAS/DISS, vice Scattered Castles or the specific IC database. Had some in clearance division go round and round claiming they can’t check jpas. Nonsense. They can. The crossover form must state Verify JPAS/DISS. Crossover to X agency. If it doesn’t say it…many times they feign ignorance and won’t check.
If they completed your clearance on the last job, but you never read in to the required SCI…some IC just shut it off. It remains valid for 24 months but adds a layer of difficulty. Having a solid gov poc to advocate helps. There is only so much a contract FSO can do unless they are in an IC SCIF, have access to client email and web locations on TS side. If you showed in Scattered Castles the IC definitely can see you.

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