Using Fed Hiring Clearance for Contractor Role?

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Question for those who are more in the know about this stuff than I am; if I get my security clearance following a CJO for a government agency as a fed employee candidate, can I turn around and use that clearance with a contractor instead? Of course I am assuming that the clearance required for the contractor role is the same as what is being provided by the sponsor agency. End result here would be taking the contractor role and not onboarding as a federal employee. Is this doable, or would the sponsoring agency somehow prevent this from occurring?

This depends on whether or not the government agency records the clearance (or “eligibility” for a clearance) in a database accessible by potential employers. Some do; most IC agencies do not.

About all you can do is apply with a contractor and see what happens. I know that some IC agencies seem to make conditional job offers to more candidates than they can actually hire and some individuals have succeeded in getting a job with a contractor when they don’t get a final job offer from the agency.

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I am in the same boat… got a COE from three letter agency and I am “awaiting placement”. Applied to a position at ManTech and talked to the lady and she said I am good to go to use my clearance for their position? Just do not know if this will affect my placement for the agency position?

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Did you have a clearance prior to the COE or have you received that since and just waiting on FJO? Your situation sounds exactly like my question; seems they must have recorded your clearance status in SC for ManTech to have seen it?

I don’t think it will affect your placement, they don’t care. If you don’t take the FJO when it comes they will go to the next name on the list! And who knows, maybe you will like the contractor gig and no longer want to go the civil service route.