Leave Fed job to switch back as FED after clearance

Hi I am not sure this is right question in this Forum , I am current Fed with less than 3 years (I got my clearance as contractor with IC after I joined a civilan agency ,I rejected few offers to come back as a Contractor to the IC meanwhile I applied directly to an IC in Dec 2017 hoping to make transition to IC full time. I am tired of the civilian agency work and I am contemplating to quit it in Dec 18 to used my current IC clearance (obtained as Contractor) hoping the clearance for the full time as Fed will come thru soon .

Hope I am clear , My timeline is
COE Dec 17
No Poly since I had Poly for the TS /SCI FSP
Medical and Psych in 08/18
Checking with them I get “still actively processing”

is waiting a good option ( the current fed job sucks ) or use the clearance as a contractor and get back to Fed after the clearance is done FYI The current clearance( as a contractor ) and the COE IC are same.

All I am confused is am I taking a risk leaving a current Fed job (no clearance is needed here) with a hope for a return to the IC as Fed Any thoughts?

If you leave before processing and adjudication it is as if you never had it. It normally takes 18 months plus to complete an IC FSP TS. Hang as long as you can until granted and badged. Then you can cross over to a contract position. Is it supporting the same client? If so even easier.

Its for a full-time position I already had a TS FSP from the same IC agency as a contractor but took a federal civilian position now trying to move to the IC I currently have a COE from IC and they are all doing the SSBI (did the medical and psychological evaluation but skipped the Poly) it’s been 13 months hanging on to the federal position that’s now in shut down :frowning:

I dont think the ICs are affected by the shutdown.