Can you see poly results mid clearance process? IC Agency

I’m processing for a contractor position with an IC agency. I completed a FS poly a few months ago and haven’t heard anything since then. FSO is stating that they wouldn’t hear anything until the investigation is complete and a clearance is granted. I currently hold a secret clearance through DoD with in scope SSBI.

Last week I received an email from a company I used to work for that has an opening with similar pay to that of the IC contractor. The catch is the position requires a TS/SCI with CI poly.

I was wondering if the DoD contractor is able to see the polygraph results from the IC agency. If they can, will that be sufficient enough to get the TS/SCI? with my SSBI being current?

Short answer: No. Even the contract FSO cannot see movement behind the federal curtain. They MAY be able to see when your BI is complete, and if and when you move into the Adjudication phase. But they cannot access your date of last NAC’s either. If you took a poly, perhaps had a follow up poly, expect results at 18 months with no issues. 24 months if minor issues, and as some report here…36 months later…still in adjudication. In those case the FSO needs discuss with the client to nudge the system and get a determination.

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I was initially given 12-18 months time frame for the process from start to finish. Does having active clearance through DoD help speed up the process a bit? Since this is not a direct hire? It’s been 10 months since I submitted the SF86 so I still have some time to go…

Not really. The three letter agencies all complete their own BI’s. Rarely do they accept in whole a BI from someone else. You can cross over as Secret to the three letter if the NACs are in scope, and any possible BI work is not out of scope. Normally they initiate their own BI. I wouldn’t be concerned about time to clear until after you pass 19 months. Then you can start inquiring.