TS/SCI with a poly processed on a contractor behalf vs. by the agency

Hello, I would be grateful for some info on the following situation. A contractor initiated my TS/SCI with a poly that was fully adjudicated this March. It was done to work on a contract with the agency at Meade. Not long time ago I applied directly with the agency and spoke with a recruiter the other day. He said that they would do the investigation again. I hope that everything that was done still matters and will be accepted by the agency (SF86 in Sept 2019, CI screening and a polygraph in July 2021, adjudication completed in March 2022). I want to work directly for the agency. Could someone please explain this to me. Thank you.

You explained it pretty well. What do you need help with? You are going to go through all of the motions again however, you might not need to do the poly. More than likely if nothing has changed they will reuse your current investigation.

Just trying to understand why “we will do our own investigation” while the first one was done by the same agency and for the same agency. I am glad that they will use it at least partially, hopefully, it will move much faster this time. Not much changed except for the fact that I am a federal employee again. Thank you.