Clearance suspended (not denied) with contractor, now in process with the actual agency

Hi all,

I wonder what your thoughts are here. I was being processed for a TS/SCI w/ full poly with a major contractor for an IC agency in the DC area. In February this year, the medical service office issued me a letter saying I was not eligible for a contracting position with them. That was after passing poly and following a medical eval. The document specifically stated this was not a denial and I was free to reapply in a year’s time. Bummer. By the way, I know this happened to several people who applied for the same position with the same contractor around the same time as I did.

Just for kicks (I really don’t know what got into me), I went ahead and applied next month directly with that agency, not really expecting to hear back of course. Late May, I got a phone call from their recruiter and did a 45 min screening interview. Late July, I got a voice mail informing me I was on the list for an in-person interview and once there was a slot available, I would be scheduled. I have not heard from them since but just can’t help but wonder - seriously? The position I am being considered for is different from the contracting one but still it makes little sense to me. Also, the recruiter was aware that I had applied in the past (I did directly sometime in 2021 but did not make an actual interview) but do they not check with the contracting or adjudicating department for possible previous processing? Or do they not care for some reason? It is all very puzzling and I am curious to know if anyone here has similar experience.


I’m sure that’s a big part of it.