Agency vs. Contractor Security Clearance

When one Agency tell you that you have to wait to reapply to this or other Agency’s for one year does that mean that you can’t apply to a contractor job, or a company that requires a clearance?

What does the actual verbiage say in your Statement of Reasons? Since it is a federal clearance, and reciprocity does exist…they likely will see previous denials, and you must report that on the SF86. No getting around the denial or revocation. Unless your company cancelled the request…didn’t from a SOR.

My SOR says guideline B(wife has family overseas) but that was for IC agency, i want to apply for this budgeting job but it only requires clearance for public trust would my SOR hold me up from applying to this.

I think there are different levels of public trust. Some require the same type of investigation (or “Tier”) as a TS clearance. But I have no idea about the adjudicative standards.

Sorry for the bump on an older post- if I get a TS/SCI for a contractor with an IC customer and the contractor no longer has available positions (but I was successfully adjudicated) can someone else pick up the clearance or will I have to go through another clearance process?

The answer should be Yes. The best bet is to seek a position with the same IC agency that granted the clearance. Other IC agencies may or may accept it. I think it also has to do with the nature of the contractor job… the most stringent standards will be applied to those positions on-site at the government facility with access to government networks. If the position will be at the contractor facility then there may be more leeway.

If you were not “read in” they may not see it. But if they work for the same parent Client…they can take ownership of it.