Transitioned Military (Still Active TS/SCI +CI) - Contractor still needs to do a new clearance?

Will try to keep this brief, this isn’t my area of expertise but it still sounds like the process can be streamlined.

Recently transitioned out of the Army (Cyber) with an active TS/SCI +CI, I was an affiliate with an Agency while serving as well since we worked closely with them.

I applied to a contractor position that requires the TS/SCI with Polygraph (Doesn’t specify FS vs CI). They said the offer would be contingent on a background check which makes sense. I have to fill out paperwork from their security office in the form of a Conditional Certification of Access (CCA) that requires the typical paperwork SF86, other security forms, etc. One of the documents are a Clearance Sponsorship form that details personal information but doesn’t really specify what it’s really for. I proceed on and sign everything and then I’m required to complete my SF86 through eApp on - I’ve stated numerous times that I already have an active clearance to the security office (My buddy checked from another contracting agency via my SSN) and that it doesn’t expire until next 2025.

I’ve even asked them recently, “Hey, is this for an entirely new clearance?”. Can anyone shed some light on perhaps what’s going on behind the scenes, I don’t want to be too straightforward with this company and ask a million questions. Are there any questions I should be asking specifically with regards to this? I’d imagine they could pull my clearance/request it/transition it to their org or something rather than what appears to be a request for a brand new one.

Their latest email only mentions “You were submitted in Nov” with an estimation to be completed by May which seems rather lengthy for a background check. I’ve asked for clarity, I’ve brought up DNI Reciprocity Policy, I’m not sure what else I’m missing. I’m sure they’re doing their job right but at the same time it just doesn’t seem logical to me.

Please provide as much feedback as needed. I just need some peace of mind at this point and if there are any key words or guidance I need to pass on to this security office in order to process quicker, please let me know. Thanks all!

Don’t think any of us can get you any closer to “peace of mind” as this is always an annoying process, but I am confident the new customer (whoever that contractor is working for) will accept your existing clearance if at all possible.

Some possible exceptions:

  • is it for DHS or FBI? They don’t seem to work and play well with DoD reciprocity. Expect delays
  • is it for CIA? As long as the position does not require you to be “on site” then there’s a good chance your existing investigation will be sufficient.
  • is it for NSA? You might be able to start pretty soon but they won’t let you see any of the juicy bits until you get your NSA poly. I think they let their military personnel get by with a CI but if you come by as a contractor you’ll need the Full Monty.
  • is it for any other DoD entity? Then you will probably get picked up (relatively) quickly.

One minor point regarding terminology: if you separated from the military and are not in a reserve/NG unit, then you don’t have an “active clearance.” Sounds like you have a current investigation which should give you eligibility to get an active clearance (with my caveats above in mind).

Hope this helps, try not to worry too much (which is easy for me to say)

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I had a DoD TS, joined a company supporting a 3 letter. They crossed me over at Secret, initiated a TS SCI W/poly. Those kind of “guys” do their own thing and only they approve theIr SCI. So yes in effect their system would refect your DoD TS and theirs. So yes 2 are out there. One eventually times out unless you are already in CE with them.