Have a Top Secret but Future Jobs Require SCI

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I have a Top Secret that came in last month for my current work in the fed gov. I plan to relocate closer to family and apply for companies. Some require TS and some require both TS/SCI. I understand having a TS and TS/SCI is two different things. Can anyone fill me out on the SCI process and the typical time frame? From what I can gather, the TS/SCI is similar to TS with things like the polygraph. I hear the TS/SCI can take up to 2 years. Im familiar with the variance in timeline but does having the TS shorten the timeline by a couple months?

PS. I know im asking for a lot of specifics. Being a normal user on these forums im not looking for statements of promises but general guidance. I just want to be able to plan things out, coordinate with grad school and the upcoming moving opportunities in the near future.


Poly is NOT necessarily part of the SCI process. Going from TS to TS SCI is an adjudicating process. Your new employer can ask DoDCAF to readjudicate your TS and it could possibly be upgraded with a few more steps…


Thanks for the clarification. Is it an incentive to my employer to have a TS? That is, is there a shorter timeline with the steps to which you are referring to (it sounds like a simple intermediate add-on kind of thing or is it a whole new SSBI)? If there are two candidates a company is select, say one without a clearance and one with a TS, does is it generally assumed that the TS timeframe will be faster between the two or the same?

They are called T-5 investigations and yes I would say someone with a TS would be favored over someone without anything. If your TS is in scope the Employer can just submit a request to DoDCAF to make a redetermination on existing investigation for SCI. CAF looks and determine what needs to be done and determine or send a Request for Information to DCSA for further investigative work or the Subject for clarification on something.


Absolutely it is a plus walking in the door TS. My first SCI…merely used existing TS, read me in. 10 years later, same SCI bit three letter client and they would not accept my fresh TS…they crossed me over as Secret, then I reaccomplished sf86, reinvestigated, 2 polys…and only then got the SCI.

So…it depends. Foreign travel, ties, family looked at much more closely.

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Thanks for clarifying that bit up for me. Im planning on applying for some positions soon, since they are SCI I will likely do a pre-poly assessment before being hired on.

Two polys each time? That must be very nerveracking! I assume the full scope (both Counter and Personal Life)?

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Yep. Full scope. They…just…suck. The more introspective you are…the more difficult they become. Everything is on the table. Few subjects are not discuss-able. 4 To 5 hours each, uncomfortable chair, sensors…

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I unfortunately am a very introspective, emotional and self critical of myself (academia, hobbys etc). I always want to self improve.

With that said a poly will be very stressful for me. I will manage either way though.

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I forgot to as but I am also considering IC. So does your statement hold true for IC positions as well?

YesAt least TS SCI slots
They will quickly assess this is your personality and use to pressure you. You feel like a flushed turd when finished. Might even take a few days to shake off the funk.

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Unfortunate but I do understand it is part of the process.

Its sad to find out about polygraph victims despite squeaky clean records with no appeal action. Its more so disappointing to hear that the examiners can be mentally abusive and exploit the human psychosis.

Oh well. Wish me luck! (otherwise its back to private tech industry for me)

Follow up question: Are they trying to change our personalities in the long run?

I think they run the spectrum. 40 percent likely want to ensure folks are clean, not exploitable. 50 percent just want to do their job, meet their numbers. Remaining 10%? Folks who should never have authority over others. They truly enjoy making normal people squirm as they mentally torture them. Those are the ones that easily slide down the slippery slope of enhanced interrogation. There is a definite power dynamic when you can manipulate a persons emotions and have them do what you want. My FBI hostage Negotiator Crisis Action courses went into that. Its…intoxicating getting into someone’s head and pulling strings.

Good day, all;

I am TS and am researching a position that will require TS/SCI (no poly). I found these posts helpful. Is the information contained still valid, or has any change occurred in the last 20-24 months?

Thank you

Same items of concern are probed. If all clear…no worries.

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