TS require Poly?

Does a TS always require a poly? Or is that when it’s SCI or if the specific agency requires it?

Going up for dod ts.

Collateral TS, in general, does NOT require a polygraph. I personally know a LOT of people at my workplace who have TS and have never been polygraphed. I suppose they may be done on a case-by-case basis or if a particular agency has a preference for conducting them even without SCI, but I can’t speak to specifics on that.

TS/SCI, in general, requires a polygraph. The type of polygraph (CI or Full-Scope) is position and/or agency dependent. Though I personally know someone who works at the same installation (federal DoD civilian) that I do that started out at Secret and got upgraded to TS/SCI at a later time and was never required to undergo a polygraph. I have no idea how that works, but it happened somehow shrug.


Thanks. Going up for the T5 I’m trying to guess how long it will take.

I just completed T4 in 2019 and I know it’s a separate investigation and all that, but that took 2 years and they did all the interviews to count to about 10 folks.