Of what use is a TS/SCI with NO polygraph?

IC agency, according to security – will get a TS/SCI with no polygraph however you would be subject to polygraph at any time in the future if the agency desired. I know that just about all contractor jobs that require a TS/SCI require it “w/poly.”

So just wondering, how transferable or useful will a TS/SCI you don’t possess any polygraph which most TS/SCI jobs say they require.

There are many positions in the IC that dont require a poly and a TS/SCI.

There are more TS/SCI authorizations out there that don’t require polygraph than those that do.

For contractors, it largely depends on whether you will be working on site at a government facility or if you will require access to a government network. Of course some customers will want everyone to have a poly no matter what, but I’d say that the majority do not require one UNLESS you will require “staff-like access” to the facility or the network.

This is actually a fed job, what about for feds?

I am not sure, it seems that more and more places are getting on the polygraph party bus as far as requiring at least a CI poly for direct hire feds. But State Department, for example, seems to have avoided the trend. So far.