IC TS/SCI without Finger Printing and poly -GRANTED

Hello everyone, my question might be a little odd but I’m hoping someone can help me with my question.

In what scenario would the IC grant a contractor a TS/SCI without ever conducting a poly or finger printing? Reason I asked is because I’ve seen this happen for a employee working for a contractor assigned to a government contract.


He either already had clearance that was transferred OR he has skills and experience that you don’t know about that are severely needed by the agency.

Thanks for responding… Contrator employee never had a previous clearance and worked in finance.
I’ve thought the IC would ALWAYS ask for the poly and fingerprinting; unless those two steps fell through the cracks or his/her skills were valued highly valued/ required like you mentioned.

I don’t see why a poly would ALWAYS be needed. Fingerprints are going to always be required but it’s possible that a set previously collected could have been used or that she may not remember having been printed.

Different positions requires different clearances and programs…differing SCI’s…my client reads in all TS cleared people to the SCI. There is a step above that requiring a full scope Polygraph. So they can be brought on with Secret, TS …TS SCI…TS SCI w/full poly. And not necessarily get any prints…though that part seems to be changing with the wireless fingerprint machines. Big improvement over the ink systems to be sure.