What is the difference between


What is the difference between TS/SCI with poly and TS/SCI with CI poly.

I believe it is the same thing but I haven’t found anything online verifying this.


One requires the counterintelligence polygraph and the other does not.

Not all TS/SCI positions require a polygraph.

Understood. Although, In applications they ask if you have TS/SCI with CI poly or TS/SCI with full scope poly.

If someone has a TS/SCI with poly does that mean it is a CI poly or no poly?

It depends. The CI and FS polygraphs are different beasts.

Even then you might be required to experience the polygraph process again if you are hired.

I might be confused but from what I understand is that there are only two types of Poly: Counterintelligence and Full Scope.

The reason I am asking is because I have a XX/XX with Poly but when I apply for other jobs they don’t have that as an option.

Instead my options are XX/XXX, XX/XXX with CI poly, and XX/XXX with Full Scope poly. I am curious on where I would stand in that situation.

Chances are it was a CI poly that you took. Besides if it were a “full scope” it probably would have been a more memorable experience :slight_smile:

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Thank you Katie.Keller!

Oh trust me. It was 100% memorable