TS/SCI w/ CI poly timeline (so far)

Long time lurker. Not sure if my experience will help anyone, but here’s my timeline and short take on the process.

03/20: SF-86 submitted.
04/20: Field (investigator?) contacted me about clarifying some contact info.
07/20: Virtual BI.
08/20: BI finished and submitted to JPAS. Virtual CI screening also completed.
09/29: Passed CI poly.
Current: I’m told adjudication will come quick.

Clearance was a ‘priority.’ Former military and law enforcement with no previous clearance. Quite a bit of foreign travel, but no close/ continuous foreign contacts and no issues with that part on the poly.

I have a really great FSO from a pretty small sub-contractor, which is a big plus. I made sure that any task he gave me was completed quickly and accurately, and I didn’t bother him or ask any stupid questions along the way. Maybe that’s why I was first in line for a polygraph, maybe not.

Polygraph screener was very experienced with a broadly similar background. He had to reword a couple questions, but it cleared QC in a couple of hours. I was given very detailed descriptions about what the major terms in each question meant, which dispelled any ambiguity. I would definitely ask for clarification any time you need it, because the question he had to reword was too broad when he first asked it. My FSO specifically said ‘passed’ in his email. I’m sure I would have had to return if it was ‘inconclusive.’

The process was very laid back and I have friends with similar polygraph experiences. I also have a friend who had a four-hour long CI screening from a pretty terrible screener. Seems like a roll of the dice.

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Which agency is this for?

Interesting, thanks for sharing!

I’m wondering how you are former military but never had a clearance. My understanding is that everyone who enters the military has at least a secret level.

Also, did you do the counterintelligence poly only? Or the lifestyle too?

Not everyone in the military has a clearance. Everyone goes through a background investigation. The level of the basic investigation also depends on when you entered the military. The basic used to be the NACLC.

I joined the Marines in 2004, and a few guys from my unit didn’t go home during the holidays because they came from very broken homes, had gang affiliation, etc. Even fewer were given the option to join the military instead of serving prison time for minor offenses. I can’t imagine trying to investigate the backgrounds of those guys. That, and there was lots of application fraud by recruiters due to high recruitment demand.

5-6 years later, a friend had his Air Force enlistment (revoked, denied?) because he was charged with an underage DUI. I’m sure the military has become much more selective since 2011 too.

May I ask if this was for the DoD or the IC? Contractor or Gov’t position?

DoD contractor position.

03/20: SF-86 submitted.
04/20: Field investigator contacted me about clarifying some contact info.
07/20: Virtual Subject Interview.
08/20: Subject Interview finished and submitted to JPAS. Virtual CI screening also completed.
09/20: Passed CI poly.
11/20: All remaining paperwork submitted.
04/21: Clearance granted.