Horror Story: CI Polygraph Still not adjudicated after 3 months


I held a TS clearance for 10 years and took multiple polygraphs successfully. However, this seems like I am experiencing a nightmare and I’m now worried about my future.

Three months ago, I went through 4 CI polygraphs with a three letter agency. Normally, a CI poly is an easy thing for me and I usually “pass” the second time around.

This time, I had to take the polygraph 4 times over the course of TWO MONTHS, each time with a different polygrapher who accused me of being deceptive and telling me I failed at something different every time:

The first time, the polygrapher told me I passed but needed to come back to “clean up a few things.” (yes confusing).

The second time, the new polygrapher told me I had issues with foreign contacts and told me to reschedule and bring in a sheet with all my foreign contacts on them.

The third time, I arrived with a sheet of paper with all my foreign contacts (that I previously reported on all my SF-86 forms, none of them were from countries hostile to the U.S and were all people I dated) and this time the new polygrapher told me I had issues with “personal integrity” questions.

The fourth time, the new polygrapher told me I had issues with forms, personal integrity and foreign contacts.

It’s been well over 3 months now and my employer, a contracting company, who offered me the job initially told me that “a positive outcome seems unlikely.”

My questions are:

  1. What on earth is going on? Is this normal?

  2. I am petrified, I have been working in this industry for over a decade, went through multiple polygraphs and was always honest with reporting everything. Never had an experience like this before. I am concerned for my future, reputation, career and my well being.

Thank you,

Only thing I could suggest is see if you could get a Supv Polygrapher as every one came out with different results and going in your favor is the fact that youve worked in the field for a decade. Not sure how capable the P’s are if everyone came out w/ different results once the required forms were done. Good luck!

Is it normal for the government to take 3+ months without giving your contracting company FSO any answer whatsoever on the results of your poly?

It is not normal for it to take three months to learn the outcome of a polygraph session. Also, it is rare for the polygraph to go to as many as four sessions.

The best thing is to talk to the security person and see if they can find anything out or set up another poly. It is very important to make sure you go over all of the questions before you start taking the poly. I was casually in contact with someone from Canada and I always had to explain multiple times we just chatted on the phone a few times a year and they same for email.

Now if you are dating Foreign Nationals while you have an active clearance that is not wise.

Best option which is a little nuclear is to contact your Congressman or woman, and ask them to intervene. I had a 5 yr update that was held up as I had changed jobs and Agencies, old Agency said I no longer needed my clearance and new agency said Who we don’t know him?
Congressman reached out to the Agencies Congressional liaison and he called me on a secure line. He was not real happy with getting called but did fix my issue and 2 weeks later my clearance for the new program came thru. This was after waiting 9 months for my clearance to come thru for the SAP program.

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