Adjudication is taking forever and am growing anxious


New user here. Long story short, after TS expired (or went out of scope) back in 2016, I was contacted early 2017 and was told I was placed under a PR (periodic reinvestigation). Late 2017 I quit my job and went to school.

I have since re started said job again, and was instantly forced to re do my SF86 back in January of this year. I have been waiting on my clearance ever since! I have been told that it is in the adjudication process and has been since Apr of this year. It is now mid Nov and 2 months away from when I resubmitted my eQIP!

So, what are the odds? Will I be granted or denied? As stated above, I previously held a TS/SCI. There is one thing that may have complicated me clearance but I have been honest, forthcoming and provided any and all details to whomever asked (I was arrested for an alcohol related incident but all charges dropped though it may have resulted in my dismissal from active duty).

Please help!

May have resulted in your dismissal? You don’t know?

Honest question, seems like you would have been given a reason for that.

Hmmmm. Probably the wrong verbiage there. My incident resulted in my dismissal from the army. Still received my General UH conditions.

Was that before you got your clearance the last time? The one that went out of scope in 2016?

Sbusquirrel, thanks for the reply,

So I was granted my TS/SCI in 2011.Timeline is as follows:

My incident happened in mid 2014

I was effectively out of the army early 2015
In mid 2016 I believe I went out of scope (5yr for TS)
Then in early 2017 I was told I was doing a PR
Late 2017 I quit job while under PR
Early 2019 I started back at same job I left, was told I needed to do another eQIP

That was late January and all I’ve been told is that it is being adjudicated since May.

Do you think I will be awarded or denied? I know I’m being a bit vague, but the timeline for this PR is taking forever and I’m beginning to worry.

Thanks in advance!

Nothing happens quickly. I dont think this sounds too bad, especially since it appears that no ‘incident’ was generated.

Adjudication can take a while(over 6 months depending on the agency). You should have self reported the offense back in 2011 but if you put it on your papers you could be fine. Also, it was almost 9 years ago which will also work in your favor(assuming no other similar charges since then).