Adjudication Timeline

So my five year TS/SCI PR investigation closed in Jan 2013 and went into adjudication. Its now Mar 2015 with no change. (yes, over two years) My SSR has sent numerous RRUs, all with the same response that its still in adjudication. My gut tells me its lost and no one on the other end cares enough to look for it, just respond with what the system says. Needless to say its very frustrating and its hurting my ability to look for other jobs because a lot want a current adjudication status and many SSRs for some reason can only see my last adjudicated investigation from 2007 and don’t think I’m cleared. I’m currently in AFG working with an active TS/SCI. I know about all the clearance industry problems over the past few years, but can anyone provide concrete reasons why I haven’t been adjudicated and/or anything else I can do? I guess if it goes on long enough I’ll be due for my next PR and start the process over. Is that even legal?