Continuous Evaluation Question

I hope you all had a great holiday. As a recently cleared DoD civilian, I had two questions with regard to the Continuous Evaluation program.

  1. Will I be automatically enrolled in it?

  2. I read somewhere that one of the flag categories is under the financial gain area. Prior to obtaining my clearance, being in the private sector, I actively invested in the stock market and do plan on selling shares at some point. Are bank/brokerage accounts actively monitored as part of the continuous program to where sales of investments trigger an alert?

My two Day-After-Christmas cents:

  1. I think it is just a question of when. Everybody is going to this model it seems. But I don’t think it is a question of ‘automatic’ enrollment as your case needs to be reviewed before enrollment. I think.

  2. Money matters are always of great concern when reviewing security clearances and continued eligibility. I don’t know if individual bank/brokerage accounts can be monitored as easily as say, credit scores. Note that depending on your level of clearance and the agency you are cleared through, you may need to report large cash gains; check with your security officer to see if this applies to you.


Thank you for the insight. Do you happen to know if there is any guidance on federal employees or clearance holders being prohibited from holding cryptocurrency investments?

Cryptocurrency question will be agency specific.