Position Sensitivity and Period Reinvestigation

This is a bit of a complicated story, so bare with me.

I currently hold a DoD Secret clearance with special access. Due to the special access, I have to get “refreshed” on the programs I’ve been briefed on every year.

I was supposed to get my annual refresher last week, but I was informed that my clearance is out of scope, so they cannot refresh me until that issue is resolved.

I’ve spoken with my GSSO and apparently what happened was that I was enrolled in continuous evaluation back in 2018, but when they transitioned my information from JPAS to DSS, they marked that the sponsoring organization for my continuous evaluation as “Other” instead of “OPM”. As such, apparently my enrollment in continuous evaluation is not considered legitimate, so the only way to get me back in scope is to do it the old fashioned way, i.e, periodic re-investigation.

My position was previously billeted as Non-Critical/Sensitive, which required a Tier 3 investigation. I recently got a new supervisor and he wants to re-designate as Critical/Sensitive, which requires a Tier 5 investigation, but there are no plans to elevate my access level (I’m staying at Secret).

If I get granted a Secret with a Tier 5 investigation, does that mean I could be administratively upgraded to Top Secret without having to go through another investigation (assuming I’m still in scope)?

Yes, this is common. I was eligible for TS/SCI most of my military career but my access bounced between secret and TS depending on my particular duty position (even on the same base).

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That’s what I thought. Thanks for confirming.