Re-Investigation Timeline and Concurrent Investigation Dilemma

I’ve posted about my situation before, but here is a quick recap:

  1. Currently work for DOD (Secret clearance)
  2. In process for TS/SCI for a potential IC position

My current Secret clearance will go out of scope at the end of this year (December 2020). However, it is very likely I will need to be read in to another program. This is sort of a 2-part question:

I. What happens if my current Secret goes out of scope before I am able to get read in?

II. Given that there is no chance in hell that I get offered the IC job, accept it, and start
before I am due for re-investigation for my Secret, can I have 2 separate investigations going on at the same time (Secret re-investigation for current job + on-going TS/SCI investigation for a different job)?

Thanks for any and all input.

While I’m not sure if there could be a conflict if your investigations are in the same system (ie your IC agency uses JPAS), I can tell you that I underwent a DOD Secret investigation concurrently with a non-JPAS TS/SCI without any problems, so I can speak to that being okay.


Good to know. I figured I was being overly paranoid but it never hurts to have peace of mind.

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