TS out of scope... can I be granted a Secret?

I am a contractor with an “active” TS clearance with access to SCI. The problem is that my periodic reinvestigation is taking forever. According to JPAS, the investigation closed in January 2014 and I am still waiting.

I don’t think another employer will consider me for a position requiring SCI access until my PR is finally adjudicated… but my last investigation was within ten years, so could a new employer hire me for a position requiring a Secret clearance?

I’m concerned that the “open” adjudication trumps everything and a new employer couldn’t even grant me a secret based on an SSBI from less than ten years ago (and even that clock is ticking).

If you have an active TS, that already includes access to Secret, therefore reciprocity would apply if you moved to a job that only required a Secret since there is no break in access. Your current TS would be downgraded and the investigation, once adjudicated would be good for 5 years from the closed date.

That being said, how is it that your last investigation has not been adjudicated? Or are you referring to the SCI access portion of it? They are two separate processes. The PR is adjudicated for TS eligibility, then the revalidation application for SCI is sent to the granting authority for approval. You should have a current TS based on a within scope PR and are just waiting for the SCI revalidation approval.

Well this is the first I’ve heard of there being two different steps in the process. All I know is that the last investigation they can see in JPAS is from January 2014 and the last adjudication is from 2009.

I work for a contractor and we are ‘sponsored’ (or whatever the correct term might be) by one of the IC entities that does their own adjudication. There are a number of us in this situation. Its a good thing they extended the reinvestigation window to six years so I might have a chance of being granted the final clearance before its time to do it all over again!

I’m new to the site, so here is my situation. I have an DoD secret approved in 2013. I had a DHS SSBI approved for TS in August 2015. The SSBI was for a internship. Now I have a TO for the Department of Interior LE position. They said my previous investigations were to old. The position required a T3 Secret investigation. They initiated the new T3. How long should I expect? Could I get a temporary security clearance?

Under reciprocity guidelines the the SSBI investigation could be used to grant a Secret without having to complete a new investigation. That being said, LE positions have additional checks that are coded in when the investigation is submitted, so that is probably why they are having a new one done.Interior has a pre-appointment checklist waiver process for bringing people on in LE positions. The good thing is that INterior grants their own clearances, so once they have completed that they will most likely let you know if you are eligible for an interim.

I have also heard this “revalidation” term used with regard to a clearance that was granted but never activated for whatever reason… isn’t there an SF-86C where you state that nothing has changed since your last BI, then they can do some quick NAC-type checks and “revalidate” the clearance? Probably within a certain time limit I suppose.