Simultaneous investigations

I have an ongoing TS investigation with an IC agency. However, in the meantime, I have found work with a DoD contractor. The contractor wants me to also get a TS. Will the contractor know that I have an ongoing investigation with an IC agency? If so, will that cause problems especially if there are two simultaneous investigations going on?

If your contractor depends on JPAS, they won’t even see it and I wouldn’t worry about it. They wouldn’t conflict. I’m speaking from experience.

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Ask your FSO. I asked mine since I’m new to all this. I was told that one investigation will take priority and cancel out the other. I’m processing for the DOD and applied to an IC contract. The IC recruiter ran my social and saw that I have a clearance processing and wasnt able to move forward with a separate investigation.

IC uses their own proprietary system, investigators, and process. They aren’t using JPAS because of its proven vulnerabilities. List on both that you are in process…they can gain whatever reciprocity they can, mostly nothing.

so were you able to go forward the IC at all? or do you have to wait until your DOD one is done?