Dual Investigations

Unique situation here. Hopefully one of the investigators can answer:

I am in the later stages of my T3 investigation as a contractor. Just joined the reserves and DEPed in. I was re finger printed and submitted another SF-86 for another T3 investigation. It appears in JPAS that the military request for a T3 was opened and then discontinued, while leaving my original T3 alone.

1st: Will they just finish up my investigation that I originally was being investigated for as a contractor, or will this delay my investigation entirely (nothing changed on my SF86 from the first investigation, they were literally identical)

2nd: Who is going to be adjudicating my investigation now? I don’t ship out for 6 months and I currently still work for my employer and will do so until I leave for basic. I assume my investigation is nearly complete so is the industry or military side of the DODCAF going to adjudicate my clearance?


DoD will often opt to let someone else pay for the more expensive investigation. You need to let them know you are going through a T5 for OPM so they can combine the two cases.

I am not going through a T5 for military. I am going through the same T3 investigation that I was as a contractor. Both my contractor job and MOS require the same SECRET level clearance.

then you should let whom ever is starting the second investigation that you already have one pending - they will most likely accept the case that is currently being worked. This also helps with the backlog.

Thank you for your reply. It seems in JPAS that my military DEPin investigation was opened and then closed. Do you know who will adjudicate the investigation now since the original investigation (the one that is currently proceeding forward) was on the industry side not military?

Whom ever will grant your clearance will do your adjudication. You might actually go through two adjudications.