Adjucation Questions

Unique situation here. Hopefully one of the investigators can answer:

I am in the later stages of my T3 investigation as a contractor. Just joined the reserves and DEPed in. I was re finger printed and submitted another SF-86 for another T3 investigation. It appears in JPAS that the military request for a T3 was opened and then discontinued, while leaving my original T3 alone.

1st: Will they just finish up my investigation that I originally was being investigated for as a contractor, or will this delay my investigation entirely (nothing changed on my SF86 from the first investigation, they were literally identical)

2nd: Who is going to be adjudicating my investigation now? I don’t ship out for 6 months and I currently still work for my employer and will do so until I leave for basic. I assume my investigation is nearly complete so is the industry or military side of the DODCAF going to adjudicate my clearance?