Need Help Security clearance question

Ok, so hear is my situation. In Sept 2018 I was put in for my T5R. On Dec 2018 I was fired from a contracting company for loosing a Badge that was not even deemed loss by me from the customer and taking the SOP which was FOUO to the corporate office to discuss about the badge which the customer gave me permission to do. The Contract company I got fired from submitted an incident report on JPAS and is refusing to make a closing/conclusion incident report. I have tried having the client askthem take it off as it is false to having a security clearance lawyer send them a letter to them to having my FSO contacting their FSO. Thier FSO has since blocked my number and told me to take them to court. I have since worked multiple jobs requiring a top secret. My investigation closed out 07/29/2019 but the incidents are still open. I recently last week had to move home to take care of my Sick mother And applied to a new job that requires a public trust. I told the company I have a Top secret which closed 7/29/2019 another top secret which closed 9/04/2013 and a secret 03/02/2010 but they are insisting that I fill out the SF85P and saying it is regular protocol. I am unable to really get any other good jobs because of the incident report I’ve had 2 FSOs say my clearance is adjudicated so I am confused about why the incident reports did not adjudicate?

Is this your question? I am having a hard time understanding what you are asking.

My questions is will my new job just reciprocate my TS or will I have to wait for a public trust investigation. It’s a DOD clearance to USMS DOJ. Also they said my clearance investigation closed out July 29, 2019 I’m getting multiple answers as to weather that means it’s adjudicated or not but if it is adjudicated how do I get rid of those incident reports?

I only have personal knowledge of a small number of cases like this (maybe three, and fortunately none of them were me). In each case, the individual had to get a new company to put them in for a clearance and basically start from scratch. I don’t know if that is the only way to clear an ‘incident’ but that’s what my (second hand) experience has been.

One case, it went pretty quickly, they managed to get the first employer to rescind a false allegation they had made after the employee was laid off (for lack of work not for any incident), the second case took the better part of two years to resolve and I lost track of the third guy before it got resolved, which was like at least a year after the whole mess started.