Incident report

Haven’t seen any updated info in incident reports.

Recently had a incident report. Filled out a new SF86… no loss of jurisdiction. No suspension on my clearance either.

Anyone have any experience with these? Or a relative timeline? Will I need to do another in person interview?

My clearance is currently being adjudicated for TS/SCI. Investigation closed 08/2018. Currently have an interim.

I have heard of this but only a couple times as a contractor… there was no problem until the guy took a new job at another company and it prevented the new job from picking up his clearance. Basically had to do a whole new investigation even though the old one was still “in scope.” In the end it all turned out OK and fortunately that company had unclas work for him in the meantime.

The other people did not leave that company… at least not before I did.

Only one very limited data set… hope it helps.

I received disciplinary action from HR while employed with DOS for a non-criminal alcohol-related incident. Never got any incident report and never had to fill-out new SF-86. They’re making a big issue of it now because I’m undergoing a periodic reinvestigation 2 years and change later. Now I’m at serious risk of losing my clearance and job. Go figure.

@Ceedeem: Incident Reports are a catch 22. You will need an employer in order to send them to be adjudicated, which takes a long time. It’s been over a year since my IR was opened and hasn’t even been looked at by adjudicators.

When you’re on the job market, the FSO at the new company cannot see the content of the IR. They just see the date and that an IR was put in. Not being able to see the nature of the IR makes new employers very concerned.

This is the reason you must submit a FOIPA request to the Defense Manpower Data Center (if your record is in JPAS). They will respond within 45 days with a complete printout of your JPAS screens and all the IR details. Do you know how to do this?

I wrote no loss of jurisdiction which means I’m still employed. Just wondering if anyone had a timeline when still employed.

I’ve only read about people with loss of jurisdiction therefore the IR never gets investigated/adjudicated.

And I did the request. They said once the investigation is complete they will send a copy of everything.

Based on my limited experience with State, you should be OK but it could take an awfully long time for them to make a decision. I’m talking years. Stay away from the bottle in the meantime, that should help your cause…

As noted above . . . A one-time incident shouldn’t cause a problem but they will be watching you for some time. You need to keep your nose completely clean and not show that this one-time incident is a sign of things to come.

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Thanks everyone! I was actually contacted by a BI today to get an updated release because they’re getting updated employment records for where this incident happened. Seems as though the ball is moving and hopefully it continues this way as I do not have LOJ and I’m actively employed.

I have talked to adjudicator and she said there’s no time line but since it really is a minor issue it should be rectified with no problem!

I will post updates as I receive them since I’m sure there’s others dealing with this as well!

And as far as “the bottle” I don’t drink! Nor do I have any flags or other issues when it comes to the SF86/my clearance.

Read this thread and I figured I’d ask for advice on my situation

I basically had an incident report put in by company A for not doing foreign contact reports (something I disclosed to them while doing my poly). Now Company A is telling me I can’t start my contract until the incident report is resolved but did not mention anything about termination or not employing me (so I assume they are still sponsoring my clearance and I’m still technically an employee). Since they won’t deploy me I wanted to try to take another contract with company B for 6 months until the incident gets resolved. Will this be an issue? If company A is DOD and Company B is DOS will it still show as open incident report when I try to go with Company B ? Does a DOD company HAVE to drop my clearance in order for a DOS company to pick it up ?

Will they be able to see it? Overall, yes. They may have to request the case but they will be able see what is going on/what happened.

Does one agency has to drop the clearance? I do not think so. I’ve seen multiple people work for different agencies at the same time and both require a clearance.

Ok thanks I just wanted to ensure the DOS comapny doesn’t pick up my clearance which forces the DOD Company to drop it