Incident reports and new investigations

I submitted an incident report to my FSO in June 2014 when I was a contractor. My secret clearance was re adjudicated favorable on Aug 2015 when I began my civil service career.

I received tentative offer from another government agency. They have to do an ANACI investigation bc my contractor clearance (NACLC) had not been updated.

I intend to answer SF86 honesty and fully, including my incident.

Question, will the 2014 incident be documented so when the new investigator reviews my updated sf86 he or she sees this incident had already been cleared and I have been re adjudicated favorable?
Should I be worried that ths incident will have to be reviewed again from scratch with a possibility of different outcome?

Again, I intend to fully disclose the incident, including mentioning that I have already reported this incident and have been re adjudicated favorable in my updated sf86. I also have a copy of my original incident report and I will also mention to them if they’d like a copy to let me know. Any response and expert advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you retained your clearance after the said incident was reported and reviewed then it should be a non-issue for a new investigation. It will be brought up and revisited, but if the explanation is the same as before then there should be nothing to worry about.

Thank you so much for the reply. You think it’s worth copying and pasting my original incident report directly in SF86 or ok to summarize it? Bc my original report was very detailed and long.

Again, appreciate your advice!

Provide a summarized version of the facts pertinent to the question. You can always elaborate during the interview.