Question about SF-86 Question 25


I submitted an SF-86 using the August 2016 version but I didn’t catch that Q25 wanted to know ALL of your investigations as opposed to the last one which I know the previous version did. My investigator brought it up. I said it was a mistake and I told him all of the re-/investigation dates as I remembered them. Am I in real trouble?? It was a COMPLETE mistake as I have no derogatory information nor debts listen in my previous SF-86s. Marko, anyone, can you weigh-in on this?


It is a common mistake that will not affect your adjudication.


Thanks Marko. Marko/All, is there a timeline for updating the BI on SF-86 concerns after the PSI? I thought I discussed my SF-86 concerns with my BI (things that were in a gray area) without the BI ever bringing it up but I don’t remember now. I thought my FSO sent my concerns via email but when I followed up with the BI didn’t have them/it. Not trying to hide anything but I don’t want to be hit up with a Guideline E issue later.


BIs work at different speeds so there’s no timeline on when to update them. The sooner the better.

Like Marko said though it’s a common mistake that won’t affect your eligibility (though it may have lengthened the investigation since the BI has to track down all of your prior investigations post-PSI if they haven’t done so already).