SF-86 Question 25 - Adjudication

I submitted an SF86 a few months ago and met with my BI and the investigation has completed. I am applying for a Top Secret/SCI clearance and had a question.

Question 25 states “Has the U.S. Government EVER investigated your background and/or granted you a security clearance? I applied for an NSA internship a few years and didn’t get it, I completed an SF86 and did the investigation/poly. On my the sf86 I completed a few months ago I put no for this question because I misunderstood it and didn’t get the clearance. My investigator didn’t bring it up and I remember telling him I did an investigation with NSA a few years ago but didn’t get the clearance (was not denied). I am not sure if he made the change.

I am entering adjudication soon, I was wondering if this would adversely affect my adjudication? Since my investigation is completed should I contact my POC at my new agency? I think my POC is for HR but I am not sure. I was 100% honest on my form, I am just concerned that I will be punished for this stupid mistake. Any input would be good, thank you all

No. This is not a big deal. Government should know if you have a completed investigation

No - the questionnaire asks because many investigation providers don’t share information unless specifically requested.

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Not a worry, as there is no sin and previously having a clearance, nothing to gain in telling or not telling. Many people end up in several of the black holes along the way and sit for years wondering if they ever had a clearance. Add in HR communities that pull a person after a long wait and not having access to a savvy FSO to help…

Hi, i know its been more than 5 years but wanted to ask if this caused any issues? Basically, any update on this is really appreciated. Thank you!