TS Granted, but name still in red (Incident Report still unresolved)

Has anybody on here had an Incident Report removed? Let me explain my situation.

My understanding from several FSOs is: if there’s an open BI, any Incident Reports are adjudicated together with the BI. This is the reason given by my FSO for not taking action earlier to get it removed.

Fast forward to 5/2019, I received my clearance but my name is still in red. I am very confused. I am not getting straight answers from my FSO, he has not called JPAS or submitted a request. I should mention this IR has been completely dealt with years ago, paperwork has been submitted to my investigator and my company.

@pawngobbler you’re FSO definitely needs to send up an RRU to get it removed. I have an incident report from 12/2018. I was told it would be removed once my TS-SCI gets adjudicated. It’s been 3 years since I filled out the SF-86 so shall see what happens.

The incident process is ran separately from your BI, the FSO needs to finalize the incident and provide the Central Adjudication Facility (CAF) with the information they request so they can make their final determination. The only way your BI would involve your incident is if it was reported and adjudicated before your investigation.

@Gil Appreciate your input. How does an FSO finalize an Incident Report? I guess the FSO has already done this because my JPAS record states the IR is “FINAL”.

CAF has not requested any information to my knowledge.

@Ceedeem I was told the same thing. It’s been one month since my T5 was adjudicated and IR is still there. At this point it would be nice to know at the very least that I’m in the right pile.

If it shows final in JPAS then your FSO should be getting messaged by the CAF in DISS, JPAS’s replacement. It has already replaced the CATS portal which was previously used to message the CAF. Depending on what the incident involved they may not need any paperwork and it may just be in cue for them to adjudicate.

It used to take at least 6 months before you could get the red cleared off JPAS, but now with the investigation backlog, which is over 1 million now, I’m sure it is a much longer process as they have all hands on deck for regular investigations.

Worst case, your FSO can message the CAF about you on DISS. That’s the best way as they haven’t really been responding to RRUs anymore.

Update on my situation. Tagging @marwanfrance.

Incident Report just closed and my name is no longer in red. I was in red since 10/2017.

I believe closing the IR was a result of “we will get around to it when we do” and not directly caused by anything I or my company’s FSO did. My FSO called them, messaged them, etc but that was several months ago and to my knowledge had no effect.

Good to hear…
Unfortunately, for me I got loss of jurisdiction due to the incident and sponsor terminated me. They did not want to deal with it or clear it out since it takes time and money.

It is time to move on…

Good luck

@marwanfrance Pm me using this alias, I may be able to help you: davidemanuelsmith at yahoo dot com

I did email you yesterday

Update: I have checked with company hoping to sponsor me and to resolve the incident, it turned out that my incident has been lifted, it no longer there but a new investigation has began regarding it (open), how long it takes for this specific one to be done ?

Is the IR open or closed?

Sorry for late rep, the IR closed last time I checked with other company

Wait, the incident has been cleared but the investigation has not been closed? Just asking to clarify…

Someone at different company said: we do not see your incident or clearance status although I had active clearance Feb19 prior to the incident !!!
They assumed that it might clearance is longer existed !!! ? or in a LOJ where they can not see much in JPAS
I am not sure what happened, but my last CO. FSO said your is in LOJ