Pending incident report in JPAS

Hello. I have a pending incident report in JPAS from 2015 and was terminated. I worked a couple cleared jobs since then. One of which I am still at currently. I have since been put in for a PR reinvestigation, to update my clearance and clear the incident report. BI closed October 2018, reopened for the face to face March 2019, closed again April 2019. All said on JPAS. Not complaining about the time frame. I have somewhat of a general incident report question, if there’s a such thing. A new FSO has arrived in the building and I asked them to give me a status since I had the interview in March. Of course my name is still in red and still says “pending incident report” from 2015. That’s one of the reasons of this newer current investigation in the first place. But he said something that all the FSO’s I have spoken to over the last 3 years has not said. Mind you I have submitted an equip with this current job and got my background investigated again (including the job I got the incident report from). I mention this because throughout the last 3 years I have spoken to at least 6 different FSO’s. But he says that “since it still says pending incident report, the company that submitted the incident report still has to send a letter to DODCAF to get the pending incident report off or no more movement will take place with this clearance”. I ask “so I have to call a company that I haven’t worked for in 3 years…even though I have had 2 other cleared jobs…and had a full BI with this current? I thought that was what this BI was for?” He said " yes". I say “If no more movement will take place, how did it get this far?” He did not have an answer. Which is fine, not everyone has an answer for all things. I guess my question is, does what he said sound right? I thought that what investigations are for. To remove the red and clear the pending incident report, if everything comes back fine of course. All/ANY information is appreciated. Thank you.

Can you give some level of detail on what the incident was? I’m guessing the original reporting company forgot who you were within 15 minutes of leaving the building. Being cleared since then speaks highly of your conduct. I would not worry about it but you should be able to get a clear cut answer.