Former employer created incident

First let me say that i am going through some legal issues that have been reported to my FSO and are in the process of being handled/remediated.
My current employer and FSO are in the loop and ok with everything.
So today I found out that despite multiple requests my former employer never released my clearance in JPAS and just this past week created an incident about my arrest in JPAS.
I have not worked for them in 6 months and my legal issues started well after I left them as an employee.

My question is how are they able to report in JPAS on someone who does not work for them and without any knowledge of the situation other than what they have heard second hand?

How did it happen that your current employer doesn’t hold you in JPAS?

But, in any case, I believe that anyone with access can update your records in JPAS. As security holders themselves, they may be required to report any contrary information they get. As is your current FSO and employer. I can’t imagine that it is OK that they didn’t report this up the chain, depending to some extent, on what your legal issues are.

They reported it up the chain but our DSS gov security guy said an incident was not necessary at this time due to it being a very shaky case against me and it is still very early in the process.