FSO Failed to inform me of an Incident in JPAS

I was not told by my FSO that I had an “Incident” on my JPAS. 3 months went by and then I was told that my clearance went in Non-Determination status. I request a fioa report of the incident and the actual incident had been fixed.

This should not had been an issue. Now I have no clearance due to the failure of the FSO not getting me information about the Incident being on my JPAS.

What are my options?

I would report this up your chain, manager, upper management, security management etc. I don’t know how many clearances the FSO is tracking and that could be a factor, but any time an employees work is threatened by a clearance action…particularly one caused by me…I too am accountable and it is mine to fix. All companies would have a process to assist on this through HR possibly? Start with your supervisor and senior management to resolve at lowest level first