Never received SOR

I was told by FSO that my clearance in JPAS shows something about an SOR…however it has been almost 6 months and now it says undetermined…any idea what this means?

I’m not sure this is what is happening in your case, but I have heard of the adjudication facility basically declining to make a decision. Can’t recall the details of what this means… maybe @marko.hakamaa can help clear it up.

Again, I’m not saying this is what happened in your case, but it is something that has been reported in forums like this.

Sounds like you were sent, either directly or through the FSO, a statement of reasons intending to deny your clearance and the process never got closed out. If you are still with the company have the FSO submit a request to get the status resolved. If you are not with the company then you are in limbo until someone else offers you a job requiring the clearance and they will have to work it to resolution.

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Hello @Marko I have a similar situation: I never received a SOR and before I separated from military last thing said on JPAS was “pending incident report”. Now I’m separated and and it says “no jurisdiction”.I found a new company and before they sponsor my clearance what would you recommend me to do? How can I be proactive and find out more information regarding my limbo situation. Since I never received any written document what should I say on my form-86 questionnaire?
Thank you

You did not receive an SOR, but did you get any indication that your clearance was being suspended or revoked? If yes, then you will need to list that on any future SF-86. There should be a place to provide additional info and you could explain there that you never received an SOR.

Do you know what caused the incident report? No need to tell us on this forum, but that might also be something you need to include on an SF-86.

But if all you know is that there was a pending incident report, I’m not sure that needs to be disclosed. It would not be the first time that something like that was erroneously entered or turned out to be nothing.

I myself have never had to deal with a JPAS incident report but it sounds like they are not easy to clear up. Possibly, the ‘loss of jurisdiction’ will clear it.

It sounds like you had a clearance previously while in the military and an incident occurred which caused the review in JPAS. Were you told your clearance was suspended? You should know what the incident reported was, so be up front with it and hopefully it was is mitigated by now.