Confused on my clearance

Went from secret to ts sci with a new company in july 2021. Arrested for a crime i didnt commit in nov 21. Notified my fso and had to write him details. Case was dismissed. 10 months later, the new fso said the other fso quit and handled my situation wrong. I had to fill out a sf 86 in sept 2022 for the case. Well, jan 2023, i was notified by my fso that i never signed my sf 86 when i submitted and i lost my clearance. Had to fill out again . How screwed am i? My fso thinks the mess up is on govt side. Suggestions? Thanks.

It is easy to blame the faceless “govt side”. You normally don’t fill out a new SF 86 for an incident but i won’t discount it. “Lost” clearance normally requires a LOI or some notification.

It will be curious to find out what really happened in your situation.

It would also to be interesting to know what “lost” clearance means. Suspension/Revocation? or Loss of Jurisdiction?

I believe if it is a revocation they have to send a SOR just like a denial.

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